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About us

How we started

After generations dedicated to food, in 2009 we decided to move into the manufacture of ready meals. As specialists in food sources and with good contacts, we created a range of dishes based on traditional cooking and the highest standards of quality. That was how Royal Chef was founded.


Over the years, we have improved and increased our facilities and equipment in order to enhance production processes. Today, we feel proud of the wide range of dishes taken from a Spanish and international repertoire.


At Royal Chef, we carefully choose and vet the best raw ingredients and natural products. We monitor all processes, beginning with the manufacture, packaging, pasteurization, and conservation of all ready meals, and ending with the management and monitoring from refrigerated transport to the point of sale.


Food safety is our top priority. That is why we have a Quality Department dedicated exclusively to the care, surveillance and monitoring of product traceability and an accredited laboratory where we analyse raw ingredients and the end product in order to ensure quality.

IFS Certification

Implemented since 2013 and examined by independent monitors, this corporate quality culture involves all the departments and people that are part of this family and requires us to work every day to respect the strictest standards of excellence.

We are especially proud of the fact that we have renewed this quality certification year after year. This year, we were awarded the highest-level certification for the fourth year in a row.

Our processes

Everything we do at Royal Chef is done with care and attention. We choose our suppliers and vet them in order to ensure quality in all the raw ingredients we use, which are always natural and environmentally friendly.


The preparation, packaging, pasteurization, and conservation of our ready meals are important aspects of our work. That is why we leave nothing to chance: everything that leaves our kitchens requires the best of each and every one of us in order to guarantee the quality and flavour of what we put on your table. Thanks to the state of refrigeration of our dishes to their point of sale, their freshness is one of the factors most appreciated by our consumers.

Innovating every day

We always work with the aim of evolving within the framework of sustainability and quality improvement. That is why we constantly invest in new processes of manufacturing, cooking, pasteurization and refrigeration, and equipment that is custom-made for us.

We will soon make an important investment in solar panels which help us to achieve greater energy savings and a reduction in our environmental impact. With the same objectives, two years ago we started to use 100%-recyclable trays.

We are one great family with a stable workforce made up of people who are experienced, motivated, and enthusiastic, and undergoing constant training in order to adapt to new developments and the improvements we carry out. A great deal of the success of this brand is owed to this family.

To keep up to date with developments in the sector, we attend national and international fairs as part of our work, as it provides us with valuable information that we later transfer to our processes and the improvement of our recipes.

Export Department

Our dishes are enjoyed by consumers in such demanding markets as Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Netherlands, Finland, Mexico, the United States, Qatar, Hong Kong, Portugal, Italy, and Andorra.


Our success is no accident. Traditional Spanish cuisine enjoys a recognised and admired international prestige in any corner of the world. It is an honour for Royal Chef to share our recipes with so many customers from such a wide range of places. We are encouraged by this acceptance to continue exploring new markets.

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