“The excellence of the finest homemade food”

Our passion for food comes from the desire to share the best homemade recipes: the ones that remind us of the times and experiences when we enjoyed a good meal.

Royal Chef provides different solutions so that every day, our customers can enjoy a pre-prepared homemade meal, which respects the flavours of the traditional recipe and complies with all hygiene and food safety regulations. The challenge to combine the gastronomic tradition of our recipes with the latest food technology inspires us to continue to improve and grow with the same spirit as when we started back in 2009.

Meat, rice, pasta, roasts, and international cuisine, all our recipes are prepared with flair and fresh produce that is carefully chosen with the clear objective of attaining culinary excellence.

Mediterranean cuisine on your table.

Just like homemade meals, bringing back memories of the best flavours ever.

The best meat in different recipes.

Sample cuisines from all over the world without leaving home

Royal Chef

The brand Royal Chef was created to provide tasty dishes that are quick and easy to prepare.

In just a few years, our good work has led us to be associated with the leading distribution brands in the catering and hospitality industry. This constant growth has also seen an expansion of our facilities, acquisition of industrial machinery and new cooking processes, as part of a well-prepared plan where nothing is left to chance.

We are proud of preparing every day a wide range of dishes made with choice ingredients and cooked under the strictest standards of our IFS Food quality certification, which guarantee an environmentally friendly healthy meal and above all delicious!

Our paellas

One of the most popular dishes in Spanish cuisine. Royal Chef prepares the dish for you so that you can enjoy it at your table in under 5 minutes. Our paella mixta, marinera, Valenciana, verduras (vegetable) or marisco (shellfish) will soon win over your friends and family.


Pork knuckle

This dish is guaranteed success. This piece of roast meat, with its skins and fat removed, is a both filling and healthy dish that maintains all the genuine flavour of the original German recipe. Ready in just 5 minutes.