Special catering

We provide solutions that help the hotel and catering industry with recipes whose quality has been certified in terms of all ingredients and cooking processes. They are ideal to serve directly as a tapa or also to make the kitchen staff job’s easier, without losing the taste of homemade food, cooked in the traditional way.

Finest beef tripe

Finest beef tripe

Russian salad

Whole poached ear

Poached ear seasoned

Poached ear in
garlic sauce:

Migas manchegas
(Sauteed Manchegan breadcrumbs):

Paella Mixta

Paella Marinera
(Shellfish paella)::

Paella con Verduras

Paella de Marisco
(Seafood paella)

Paella Valenciana

Black rice


Pork cheek in sauce

Sliced roasted pork knuckle

Chicken legs in garlic

Rib roast

Barbecue chicken wings

Whole poached pig snout

Poached white ear

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