Tagliatelle carbonara

This popular dish from Italian cuisine brings together pasta al dente, cream, and smoked bacon. A complete dish ready to be enjoyed in just a few minutes.

Format: 280g.

Microwave: Make a hole in the lid of the container and heat in the microwave at maximum power for 3 minutes, remove the lid, stir the product well, let it rest for 1 minute and it’s ready to eat.


Pan: Add a few drops of oil, heat for a few minutes stirring the product and serve.

Cooked tagliatelle (tagliatelle (durum wheat semolina), refined sunflower oil, salt), carbonara sauce (57.6%) (light cream (milk) (98%), modified starch, stabilizers (celluloses, sodium cellulose carboxymethyl, carrageenans), emulsifier (lactic esters of mono and diglycerides of fatty acids)), water, salt, maltodextrin, aromas, vegetables and dehydrated vegetables (onion, carrot, leek), spices, aromatic herbs), smoked bacon (bacon pork (95%), salt, sugar, corn dextrose, aroma, smoke aroma, stabilizers (triphosphates, carrageenan), antioxidants (sodium erythorbate, sodium citrate), preservative (sodium nitrite), contains traces of protein of milk and soy.May contain traces of egg.


Energy: 683 Kj – 164 Kcal

Fat 10 g / of which saturated: 6,4 g

Carbohydrates: 14 g / of which sugars: 1 g

Proteins: 4,8 g

Salt: 1,3 g