Rib roast

This tender and juicy pork meat falls off the bone. Cooked in its juices, it retains all its flavour and nutritional properties. Ready in a few minutes, it can be enjoyed on its own or dressed in a good barbecue sauce or honey mustard.

Format: 500 g.

Microwave: Remove the content and heat in the microwave at maximum power for 5 minutes and consume.


Pan: Empty the content of the container into the pan and stir until the product is very hot.

Pork rib (water, maltodextrin, salt, caramel sugar, antioxidants (sodium citrate, sodium ascorbate), aromas, acidulant (sodium acetates), tapioca starch, salt, yeast extract, aromas, glucose syrup).


Energy: 1143 Kj – 276 Kcal

Fat 23,3 g / of which saturated: 9,6 g

Carbohydrates: 0 g / of which sugars: 0 g

Proteins: 16 g

Salt: 2 g