Poached white ear

Enjoy this poached ear with a dressing of your choice. A delicious, easy, and healthy recipe that saves on cooking time.

Format: 500 g y 1’5 Kg.

Microwave: Scoop out the contents, season to taste, heat at maximum power for 6 minutes, let stand for 30 seconds and consume.


Pan or griddle: Remove the contents, season to taste, put a little oil in the pan or griddle and cook over medium heat, stirring for 8 minutes.


Fryer: Scoop out the contents, season to taste and fry for 5 minutes in oil at 150ºC.

Boiled ear (Pork ear, salt, preservative (sodium acetates), emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), preservatives (lactic acid, sodium nitrite)), salt, preservatives (sodium acetates, lactic acid, acetic).



Energy: 1039 Kj – 250 Kcal

Fat: 18 g / of which saturated: 5,6 g

Carbohydrates: 1,1 g / of which sugars: 0,6 g

Proteins: 21 g

Salt: 0,8 g