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In 2009, the third generation of a family business dedicated for decades to the development and distribution of quality food products, founded Royal Chef, aiming to go one step further and give back to society all the confidence placed in us during all these years, offering the best and most varied recipes of Spanish cuisine by using the most modern food technology so that all our prepared dishes keep intact their authentic flavor, aroma and nutritional personality and wealth. Since then, we keep growing and working hard every day to reach consumers with our range of delicatessen meat, our variety of rice and pasta, our delicious roasts and the best traditional Manchegan cuisine. Currently we are present in the main distribution channels nationwide and we do not cease in our efforts to continue to give our consumers the opportunity to enjoy the tasteful and natural culinary offerings of Royal Chef.

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In the small town of Picon, a few kilometers from Ciudad Real, our extensive factory is located and nestled between two hills at the banks of the Guadiana river and surrounded by nature. This excellent and healthy location is the ideal environment to develop our activity. Our facilities are equipped with the latest technology in manufacturing processes, cooking, pasteurization and refrigeration, which added to the work, dedication and experience of an extraordinary team of professionals, lead to an excellent result in a quality product. At Royal Chef, we are aware of the constant evolution of this exciting sector, so we do not cease in our efforts to continue growing and learning in our profession, also attending the best international fairs to always keep abreast of developments and trends in prepared dishes and thus being able offer them to our customers.

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Royal Chef cares and keeps an eye on each and every process, from the selection and approval of suppliers to guarantee us the best and most natural raw materials and ingredients, to our meticulously control of all the different aspects of manufacturing, packaging, pasteurization and conservation of all our meals, followed by a control and monitoring of the refrigerated transport to the point of sale. Food security is for us an absolute priority, so we have a quality department dedicated to the care, supervision and monitoring of product traceability and a certified laboratory where we frequently analyze surfaces, raw materials and final product in order to verify and ensure their quality. Our factory is certified by “International Food Standard (IFS)”, this forces us to meet strict controls by independent auditors which ensure that our facilities are always in good conditions.

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Outside Spain, Spanish cuisine enjoys great and deserved international recognition, for this reason, this moves us to export our best recipes to all the corners of the world, thanks to our recently born export department. It is not easy to adapt to habits of each country, different culinary cultures, approvals and other formalities and customs laws to try to break into such complex markets, but in Royal Chef are aware of the responsibility of exporting the “Spain” brand and work tirelessly to meet with all the requirements and gradually be prepared to undertake our international expansion plan. Currently you can enjoy our cuisine in countries as diverse and demanding as the United States, Colombia, France, Holland, Belgium and Germany. The good acceptance of our dishes in these countries reinforces our conviction and enthusiasm of our work and encourages us to accept the challenge of trying to export to more countries.

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