Boiled Pork Cheeks


Preparations Tips

Microwave: Add dressing or marinate the product to your liking and heat in the microwave at full power for 3 minutes. Remove the bag and let stand for 30 seconds before serving.
Stove or electric grill: Season the product to your liking, heat in the pan or grill until the product is crispy and serve.

Nutritional Values

The pork´s cheek can be used to add to a stew to improve its flavor or to make a fantastic tapa by dressing it to your taste and cooking it on the grill, until you obtain a crispy texture. You will repeat.Energy(Kj) 871
Energy (kcal) 209
Fat (g) 12,5 – of which saturates (g) 4,4
Carbohydrate (g) 5 – of which sugars (g) 3,7
Protein (g) 19
Salt (g) 1
Format: 500 grs, 1,5 Kg.

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